What do I pack?

  • Normal underwear (to wear below your thermal ones)
  • Thermal underwear (an upper and lower piece. We advice you to bring 2 to 3 pairs)
  • Some t shirts (short or long sleeves, they can be made of cotton)
  • Two or three fleece or warm sweaters (not too thick)
  • One or two warm winter sweaters 
  • Socks (no thermal ones, because they make your feet sweat and swear is water so your feet will freeze.)
  • A winter ski jacket
  • A winter ski pants
  • Two or three normal pants to wear "at home" or below your ski pants
  • Watertight boots 
  • Watertight mittons (they give more heat to your fingers than gloves)
  • Thin gloves (to wear below your mittons. This way you can still tie your shoes without frozen hands.)
  • A warm beanie that covers your ears.
  • A buff (better than a scarf. If you breath through your scarf, it will freeze to your lips)
  • A balaclava (if you're really sensitive to cold. You can find an example here.)
  • Your hygenic stuff (leave water based makeup at home as it will freeze to your face)
  • A flashlight
  • A camera (if you have one, bring an extra battery as the temperature affects the duration a lot)
  • A thermal bottle (if you want hot drinks during the hike or the activities)
  • Ski goggles (if you're going skiing, for the snowmobile tour you'll get one from us)
  • Your driver's license

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