What costs are added to the basic price for The Vespa Trip?

With your registration you can already choose for:

  • cancellation insurance: €39 p.p.
  • an assistance insurance: €59 p.p.
  • assistance and cancellation insurance: €79 p.p.
  • Start-To-Vespa lesson: €50 p.p.

After completing your registration and a few weeks before your departure to Italy, the following options will also become possible to book:

  • transfer from the airport to the hotel: €30 p.p.
  • transfer from the hotel to the airport: €30 p.p.
  • insurance for your rented Vespa: €49 or €89 per Vespa
  • Early Pick-Up of the Vespa: €50 per Vespa
  • Late Drop-Off of the Vespa: €50 per Vespa

For more information about these options, please wait for our infomail. You will receive this a few weeks before your departure.

What is NOT included in the basic price of The Vespa Trip:

  • flights to and from Italy can be booked by yourself
  • fuel for the Vespa (maximum €20 per Vespa)
  • lunch and dinner

Feel free to give us a call if something is not clear!

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