Each time I want to add a team member, I end up on my own profile?

That's probably because you do this on the same browser as where you are logged in on Facebook! To add a team member to your team, ask your fellow traveler to sign up on Facebook (possibly via a different browser or device) and join the team. If your future team member does not have a Facebook account, we can create a profile for him/her. For this we need the following information:

- First name:

- Surname:

- Email address:

- Gender:

- Mobile number:

- Date of birth:

- Address:

- Postal code:

- City:

- Country:

- Password (to log in personally):

- Cancellation insurance (+ 30 EUR): Yes/No

- Rally Food (+ 60 EUR, every day you get breakfast and dinner): Yes/Veggie/No

- Rally Camping (+ 60 EUR, every day you can pitch your tent in our campsites): Yes/No

- Blood type: A+/A-/B+/B-/AB/O+/O-/No clue

As soon as we receive it from you, we will create your profile and you can sign up!

If you have any questions or problems for which you can't find the answer on this platform, please let us know and we'll try to help you as soon as possible!

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