What do I have to do to get sponsored?

The sponsorship is done in increments of 25 euros minimum. Once your team has registered, all you have to do is enter the amount, the logo of the entity sponsoring you and its name on your My Zone. You will then be able to download a document that will serve as a tax certificate for the entity sponsoring you. You will also find on your My Zone a folder that you can use to give as much information as possible to your sponsors. Please note that the sponsors pay you directly and that you remain responsible for paying the amount of your registration.

The advantages for the sponsors are a visibility on your race t-shirt, on your team page of the website and then all the media advantages that you will provide them on your side (creation of a Facebook page, Instagram, ...).

The deadline to introduce your sponsors is June 15.

If you have any other questions or problems for which you can't find the answer on this platform, let me know and we'll try to solve it together 😉

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